The Onion: Terry Gilliam Barbecue Plagued By Production Delays

Terry Gilliam’s filmmaking trials and tribulations have become the stuff of legend. The insane hurdles Gilliam faced during the production and release of Brazil filled a book: The Battle of Brazil: Terry Gilliam v. Universal Pictures in the Fight to the Final Cut. His attempt to adapt Don Quixote to the screen yielded the fantastic documentary Lost in La Mancha (2002). Actor Heath Ledger’s death completely reshaped Gilliam’s then in production The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009). No matter what type of roadblocks Gilliam faces, he finds a way to keep going. In this Onion Radio segment, America’s Finest News Source pokes fun at the obstacles that have plagued the only American born Monty Python alum. Listen with the embed below or hit the link to visit the Onion site.

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