ROCKY and Sports artist LeRoy Neiman Dies at 91

If you’re a movie nut but not a sports nut chances are you know LeRoy Neiman’s work but maybe not his name. Neiman is the artist behind the kinetic painting that the final frozen frame of Rocky III fades into. The image features Rocky and Apollo Creed striking one another and is paired with a reprise of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger. Neiman  also created the iconic portrait of the Rocky in the same style and both of the works were commissioned by Stallone himself. Gaining widespread recognition through the 60s with Superbowl paintings and regular contributions to Playboy magazine, Neiman became the most prominent sports artist of the twentieth century. He also appeared as a ring announcer in Rocky III, Rocky IV and Rocky V and makes a cameo appearance in Rocky Balboa. Check out the embed below to see the painting in Rocky III and hit the link below for more info from The LA Times.