Great Idea on THE SHINING Overlook Hotel Carpet from Andrew Hearst

Content Strategist Andrew Hearst has a great idea: modular carpet tiles with the Overlook Hotel’s carpet pattern. If you love The Shining you know this carpet. The pattern of rich orange, deep brown and crimson hexagons is scary by itself and helps build the films visual language of repetition.  While the hedge maze and typewriter pages get plenty of iconic attention from the camera, neither of them enjoy the super stardom the carpet gets from the low angle shots following Danny on his big wheel. Hearst’s idea makes the dream of owning a piece of this design pretty reasonable.  Andrew suggests that makers of modular carpet tiles issue a special edition with the Overlook pattern. This approach would be a heck of a lot easier to implement than carpet that would need “real” installation plus you can take it with you if you move. Put us down for case of these things if they get made and hit the link to read Andrew’s full idea.