Revenge of the Nerds


Before geek culture became popular culture, it took a fraternity of men who refused to accept the status quo to put nerds on the path to world domination: The Tri-Lambs. 

In Revenge of the Nerds, a group of nerds who are refused membership in fraternities create their own chapter ... and get back at the abusive jock fraternity, the Alpha-Betas.  The film features iconic comedy moments, like a techno-musical number that clinches the Greek Games. Plus, Revenge of the Nerds put John Goodman on the path to comedy stardom with one of his earliest film roles as Coach Harris.

The nerds triumph, of course, using their intellect to overpower dumbs jocks and ditzy bimbos (remote TV spying on the equally evil Pi Delta Pi sorority, chemically induced jock itch, etc.).  We’d call it an underdog story, but Revenge of the Nerds is more than that. It captured the power-shift moment of brain over brawn that we all benefit from today. (Especially if you're reading this on an iPad.)


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