Cool as Ice


James Dean, Vanilla Ice is not. But that’s half the fun of watching Cool as Ice, a 90s spin on Rebel Without a Cause that’s so epically bad that it just has to be seen.

Whether you go for the music, the love story or just to see parachute pants on the big screen, this tale of bad boy biker Johnny who enters the life of the virginal Kathy — just as her family’s witness protection program cover is blown (seriously) — will have you laughing in the aisles.
Oddly enough, Cool as Ice came out just months after Vanilla Ice made his big screen debut in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, the combined effect of which torpedoed his budding movie career. He even lost the Worst Actor Razzie to Kevin Costner (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves). Now that's a tragedy.

It’s okay to cheer when... Johnny utters the classic pick-up line, “Drop that zero and get with the hero.”

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State Theater
December 3, 2011