Child's Play


The worst birthday gifts you can get as a kid are as follows: 

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Psychotic Dolls
That’s not to say that Child’s Play’s Andy would have been worse off with a terrible sweater, but what’s really going to result in more therapy: Ridicule at school or seeing a Good Guy Doll murder a babysitter?

Many people don’t consider that when they look at the 80s horror classic about a serial killer who uses a voodoo ritual to inhabit a child’s toy named Chucky. The franchise starter was met with protests because people thought it would incite violence in children. Still, the film was a hit, making big box office for a picture its size and spawning four sequels. Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif even returned to the franchise repeatedly to voice the infamous doll.
Today, we know that bullying is more likely to result in violent outbursts. So in reality a sweater with a happy kitten will likely do more damage to a child than watching Chucky take a claw-hammer to someone's head. If you keep that in mind the next time you buy your child a birthday present, the world will be a safer place.


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