Can you eat a Baby Ruth without thinking about turds? If not, there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time with director Harold Ramis’ Caddyshack. This iconic candy-bar-in-the-pool scene epitomizes Caddyshack’s place in the history of comedy. The film manages to set the tone for early 80s raunchy comedies while simultaneously time warping gags like the fainting dowager to a new generation. The film is packed with so much more than get so much more than the mistaken impression of shit eating. Bill Murray steals the film in his breakout, completely improvised role. Rodney Dangerfield is on fire and scores his first success at the box office.. Chevy Chase is young, shirtless and hairy. All this is topped off with the 1812 overture and a gopher puppet

Write Brian Doyle-Murray, director Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and others on the production team worked as caddies in their youth and brought nuggets from their experiences to the film. While parts of the story are true to life, the tale of a down on his luck improving his station in life ultimately takes a back seat to the performances. Speaking of performances, don’t forget about the soundtrack contributions from Mr. Kenny Loggins. Loggins I’m Alright swells up almost spiritually under the Orion Pictures logo and gives Mr.Gopher something to groove to. The single for I’m Alright climbed all the way up to #7 on the charts. Kenny’s other tracks for the film include the Mr.Night and Lead the Way.

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