Busey wasn’t always the guy from the mugshot whose most recent claims to fame include voicing the Gingerdead Man and appearing in Alex Jones documentaries. No, there was a time when his glorious crazy was contained in 80s action movies.

In between roles in Lethal Weapon and Predator 2, Busey tried out his leading man chops in Bulletproof, the baddest, cultiest action movie to come out of the genre’s golden age. Busey stars a Frank “Bulletproof” McBain, a cop (and former secret agent) who must take on a group of Mexican terrorists that have seized the top secret supertank "Thunderblast"... and McBain’s ex-girlfriend.

The plot isn’t that ridiculous when you compare it to, say, a cop trying to win back his wife while fighting the terrorists who've taken over an LA skyscraper at Christmas in order to crack a super vault and steal $640 million in negotiable bearer bonds. But with Bulletproof, awesome absurdity is all in the execution. (McBain’s catchphrase is calling the baddies “butthorn.”)

Needless to say, Bulletproof bombed at the box office, not even making $1 million. But its 2002 DVD release vaulted the Busey vehicle into cult status... thanks to those of you lucky enough to have found it in a Big Lots bin.

It’s ok to cheer when... McBain tell Sharkey (Danny Trejo) that he’s his worst nightmare, butthorn.

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