Army of Darkness


Sure Spider-Man 3 sucked, but Sam Raimi wasn’t always bad at threequels. His 1992 film Army of Darkness concluded the Evil Dead trilogy with the same horror-comedy sensiblity that made the first two films great, only with less gore and more slapstick humor.

Of course, dropping the more grisly moments wasn’t Raimi’s choice. After directing Darkman for Dino Di Laurentiis and producing a modest hit, Raimi was set to make Evil Dead III with the legendary producer. But in order get Ash out of the cabin and back to Medieval Europe as was required by the script, Di Laurentiis took the picture to Universal (where he had a production deal already in place).

Raimi’s original cut of the film was NC-17 and the original title Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness. Universal, however, had the film cut down to an R-rating and dropped Evil Dead III from the title to broaden the audience.

Thanks to Raimi’s refined comedic pacing and Bruce Campbell’s growth as an actor, most fans don’t begrudge the film for being a little less gruesome than its predecessors. Afterall, what’s not to love watching Ash armed with a chainsaw and a shotgun take on Harryhausen-inspired stopmotion skeletons in the year 1300? Nothing, that’s right.

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