How do you go from Hitchcock in space to full-blown action-adventure spectacular? You hire James Cameron. 

Cameron’s sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien has Ellen Ripley — revived after 57 years in stasis — join a gang of Colonial Marines (aka Alien snacks) charged with investigating a terraforming colony that has gone dark.  The catch: It just happens to be on the planet where Ripley and her crew encountered the Alien eggs.

Bigger and more action-packed than the original, Aliens is regarded by some as one of the best sequels ever made. It even earned Sigourney Weaver an Oscar nomination for lead actress, a rarity for sci-fi pictures. Of course, it also unleashed James Cameron on the world, which means without this movie we wouldn't have giant Smurfs.
It’s okay to cheer when... Ripley yells “Get away from her, you bitch!” We do.

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