What is Midnite Ticket?

There are movies you just need to see in theaters. Midnite Ticket helps you find cult film screenings and save showtimes to a personal account. We’re also blogging about our own trips to see midnight movies and cult films, so you can find places to eat and other cool things around the theater when you make a trip. Think of it as a cinetourism website for proper cineastes.

Can I buy tickets on Midnite Ticket?

No. We help you find the movies you want to see in a theater and then give you a place to save those showtimes. We encourage you to always arrive an hour ahead of time, get your tickets from a theater box office, and then enjoy the camaraderie of other MTers. (Or grab a cup of coffee somewhere around the theater. You’ll need it for those midnight movies.)

How do I save and share my showtimes?

First thing you need to do is add a screening to “My Showtimes.” If you click on the “My Showtimes” tab at the top of any page, you’ll have the option to make your showtimes public. (Yep, you get a URL for that.)

Of course you can always post each screening to Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more people you get to go with you, the better. No point in cheering alone when George McFly punches Biff in the face.

What time zone are you using for showtimes?

Each of the showtimes listed represents the local time zone. Showtimes at Cleveland theaters are listed Eastern Time in, showtimes at Chicago theaters are on Central Time, and so forth.

How do I know when new showtimes are added?

Right now, the best way to stay up to date is to sign-up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. We do two big updates every month, and then send quick updates out as the screenings happen.

So who are you people?

We’re just a band of dedicated cinephiles who don’t ever want to miss seeing a movie we love in a theater. It’s happened, so we built this website. Read more at our About Us page.