About Midnite Ticket

Midnite Ticket is a travel guide for revival movie theaters. Many theaters across North America screen great repertory programs. Many of these same theaters are also economically threatened by the immediate need to purchase digital projection equipment. Our goal is to raise awareness of revival screenings and theaters that offer this programming. 

Why Are We Doing This?

There is a national scene of good folks watching great movies in cool theaters. We want you to get out and travel. Meet movie lovers across the country. Share what you’re watching and discover new things to love. 

Want to suggest a theater or a screening? Send an email with the info to heyyouguys@midniteticket.com.

Defining Midnite

While we know that many of the movies we list are not literally playing at midnight, the late Canadian film critic Jay Scott defined midnite this way: “Once upon a time when movies mattered — when they really mattered — it was always midnight, yet every screening was a matinee.”

Movies still matter, but a generation of fans has never experienced many of the movies they love in the darkness of a theater with others who equally love those films. We watched them with friends in our living rooms on VHS or DVD. We watched them on our computers through Netflix streaming. But even today, one thing still holds true: you cannot ever replicate the communal experience of seeing a great movie in a theater.

With that, we’ll follow revivial screenings that play anytime of day, as long as they’re showing the cult classics and pop masterpieces that you should see in a theater with other fans.

Midnite Ticket Editors

Dan Dan grew up renting cult movies from the video store near his family’s home in Erie, PA. His parents were awesome and let him watch all the Friday the 13th movies by time he was in third grade. While Dan watches a wider variety of movies now, he still has a soft spot for the slasher genre. He also blogs about movies, television and pop culture at TheFilmChair.com.

Dream Ticket: Sleepaway Camp triple feature at an abandoned summer camp.

Chris Mel Brooks delivered Chris unto the world. A laughing fit brought on by a TV rerun of Blazing Saddles forced his mom into labor. The rest is history. He has spent most of his life watching, writing about and generally loving movies. Chris is our main man for marathons and usually sleeps through whatever is programmed at 4 AM.

Dream Ticket: Dawn of the Dead (1978), F for Fake (1973) and Network (1976) triple feature. Chased with Kung-Pow! Enter the Fist (2002).

And The Rest....

Midnite Ticket is proud to run fun stuff from a gang of contributing writers who share their love of weird and wonderful cinema. Want to write for us? Drop us a line.